About Us

Classen-Buck Seminars, Inc II classes are approved in Texas, Tennessee, and New Mexico.  Students also receive training credit for our classes in Kentucky, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Iowa among other states.  Feel free to contact us at 512-912-6085, and we will contact your state for specific approval. 

Classen-Buck Seminars, Inc. II maintains a working relationship with State commissions throughout the U.S. that govern continuing education in order to ensure that students receive the correct, accurate, and appropriate number of training hours which that commission has mandated.

How this training facility works!

Classes are forwarded to students within an hour of our receipt of the order. Students will work at their own rate, and are never placed on a time schedule. 

Students will complete an online test, and forward it to us for grading. Upon receipt of an online test, and the student’s successful completion of that test, a certificate of completion is returned to the student. 

Students are entered into our database, and will be contacted one month before his/her next training is due. In this way, we take the burden of keeping up with State requirements off of busy students.

We encourage students to contact us!   We are available to answer questions and help with your continuing education requirements!

Contact Information

Students may order on our order page (24 hours per day) or
Phone at:  512-912-6085, Monday - Friday, 8am - 9pm;  Saturday and Sunday,  8am - 7pm
Email:  marian@classen-buck2.com
Fax  to:  512-233-2398
Mail orders to:  P.O. Box 1259,  Johnson City, TX 78636
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